The home and daycare center is where your child learns and picks up a lot of things, some can be good while the others might not be so good, and you should discourage your child from picking up the bad and encourage them for the good habits through a rewarding system.After a while, your toddler would grow into the “I want to take charge of everything” phase, he would want to do everything by himself that can range from wanting to push the trolley in the supermarket to wanting to change his clothes on his own. This is a good thing as it’s a sign of growing up and they are trying to assert their independence by taking control, I admit that it can be really exhausting when your toddler no longer prefers your sense of fashion anymore and gets super picky about what they wear but this is a good thing and shouldn’t be discouraged.

How should you react to your toddler’s change?

Toddlers usually pick up what they see and prefer to dress up the way the other kids do, for example, let’s say that the kids wear toddler sun hats in Australia, then it is highly likely your toddler would want to copy that trend too. That is quite normal in both toddlers and teenagers, they tend to obsess over things just because they are popular.

You should be encouraging at these times and allow him to do what he wants, you can show your support by ordering him more infant hats sale, and this way your child will have more options to choose from. But you should also learn when to say no if your child keeps wanting more things although he already has them. Not doing so would just spoil your toddler. Your child can also pick up habits like a temper tantrum from daycare, if kids throw a tantrum at the daycare and they get their way as a result then it’s highly likely that your toddler would try to use that method on you, at times like this you should reinforce your limits and make it clear that they aren’t going to get what they want by doing so. Another way to discourage this behavior is to reward and praise them whenever they don’t throw fits.

It is also important to not overuse the word “no” around your toddler as it can desensitize the meaning if they always hear it, instead take your time to explain why they can’t have it. It is very important to correct any bad habits at the early stages as it’s going to be difficult to change it later on.

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