The basic and most important thing in every home is its floor. Floor is what makes your home what it is. A good floor not only brings comfort but also enhances the beauty of your entire place. But is it always necessary that you have to install an expensive floor in order to get comfort and beauty? No, certainly not. There are variety of floors that can bring you both without disturbing your budget. The floor makeover however, is the most difficult task in every home’s renovation. Although, many people are still unaware of the fact that there is a thing as cheap floor that actually exists.

Choices and ranges in flooring have no limit. These come in wood tiles, hard tiles and many more. But all of this comes with a huge price. A handy option that comes in cheap price is luxury vinyl planks and tiles. If you want to give your floor a stone or a wood kind of look this type of tiles is a best option. This is what you can really call a cheap tile with beauty. The reason these are handy is because they are easy to install. Another major factor that these provide is comfort. These are easy to walk on and the floor seems silky soft. This means that a vinyl plank and tiles is one that brings comfort, beauty and cheap price. However there are some demerits of these tiles as well because of course it cannot give you everything. It is not very friendly to the environment. The light from sun can damage the color of these tiles. Moreover any sharp object can also put a scratch on them easily but these can be a good solution if you install them for indoor purposes and maintain and care for them.

But LVP( Luxury Vinyl Plank) and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) are very famous these days. The price for these for a square foot is less than 1 dollar and these are still categorized as luxurious tiles even with this much low price.

Another type of tile that falls in the category of cheap floor tiles are ceramic tiles. These tiles are much more durable and there are a wide range of ceramic tiles that comes in different colors and designs and give you freedom to choose. These are less in cost and these are very friendly to the environment. Along with this, these are easy to install.

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