Life is all about food and flavour. There is a whole variety of food that is available on this earth planet. As many as people and the taste varies as well. We have developed taste buds that are prone to all such instances where we are enjoying our life to the fullest here come other emergency situations as well where you may find yourself in a situation of an illness. In many cases of illness where you cannot have the food you desire to eat. Moreover, your doctor may district you from different foods. In such instances where you have developed diseases one must refrain himself from the foods that may lead to a serious damage. Diabetes is one of the issues that is prevailing into our population so commonly. Nine out of 10 or you can see seven out of 10 people are suffering through diabetes. Either diabetes one or diabetes two it could be of any type. In cases of juvenile diabetic conditions, or where you develop an insulin dependent diabetes the use of gluten free food is important. In other instances where people are trying to follow alright or suffering through other issues where you cannot eat gluten food what is the alternative? The car boot kitchen is one of the company that is located in Brisbane Australia. We are offering our services and our wider range of food choices to the people of Brisbane. There’s a whole range of food you can enjoy.

The range of food

chocolate is one of the most favourite snack that one loves to eat. What if you are in a situation where you cannot go with the regular chocolate and need a gluten free chocolate? The taste will automatically be compromised but you cannot eat it? Here we are offering the one choice where you can buy gluten free chocolate from us. This is a specialty of that gluten free chocolate and it is its flavour. This gluten free chocolate comes in so many flavours that is choand the mix of so many other ingredients that is an absolute trait to your taste buds.


You can buy diabetic chocolate from us as well. people suffering from diabetes that is insulin dependent diabetes we are introducing diabetic chocolate bars that is not compromising in taste but have all the careful consideration of ingredients in a balanced proportion. This is not something made up of whole sugar but refined sugar and those appetisers that will cater the need of the sugar without spiking up the insulin. We have introduced diabetic chocolate and it is made after careful consideration of putting all the ingredients lightly because it is for the patients and we cannot take risk over the health. Health aunties are our top priority and we are trying to keep both of these in balance.