About Riverdale Orthodontics:

Riverdale orthodontics is a complete package for you because you will not be able to find the innovative equipment, advanced technology and techniques used by the orthodontists here. We have a genuine interest in providing each patient with complete dental care, you can trust us for your treatment and your family’s. Along with well-trained, knowledgeable, friendly and professional orthodontist, we have built a good reputation in the market which is been growing since 1983. Paul Schneider, Chris Theodosi, Alwyn Wong and Michael Zhao are a few of our orthodontists who work hard to provide the best advice and treatments to the patient so that they will be able to have healthy and beautiful gums. These doctors are also linked to Melbourne University’s students to guide them in research about the aspects of orthodontics. Our highly qualified orthodontists have completed their education in this domain in USA and Australia. We not only provide regular Kew braces but also offers Suresmile technology to children, teens and adults. This technology includes improved diagnosis with maximum efficiency, Invisalign, lingual braces and also X-rays in the clinic for the patient’s convenience. There are several other treatments offered by this group.


Treatments Riverdale Orthodontics offers:

Invisalign treatment is the faster cure which requires weekly aligner changes. The orthodontist may consider longer periods between aligner changes if an adult is responding positively to this treatment. The benefit of this therapy is that people around you won’t be able to know that you are going through a dental process simply because the Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible. Suresmile procedure is 40% more efficient and faster than conventional braces. The orthodontist here treats patients through Suresmile technology that provides brief treatment time, fewer clinic visits, less discomfort and prime quality results. Doctors in Riverdale Orthodontics also treat children in the deciduous dentition stage, this treatment is known as Early Orthodontic Treatment. The timing of this treatment is selected with consideration of other factors. This procedure can be done when permanent teeth erupt or till growth is complete, also at various stages if required. Riverdale Orthodontics offers surgical orthodontics treatment that helps in the repositioning of teeth. This adjusts jaw irregularities that assist the patient in chewing, speaking, breathing and also improving facial appearance. Straightening the jaw also helps in the movement of teeth hence Kew braces are a must needed in conjunction with jaw correction. After surgery, the doctor makes sure that the teeth are in their correct positions.


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You can contact one of our friendly orthodontists for more information regarding your specific treatment and book an appointment with us. Our orthodontists will surely make you satisfied with Kew braces and other mouth treatments to leave a beautiful smile on your face at the end of the treatment. Connect with us for the best experience in town. Call us now on the number provided online and also you can visit our clinic at the address mentioned on the Riverdale Orthodontics page.

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