Success within comic events is dependent on the meticulous planning process completed prior to performances in general. With planning requiring consideration of factors affecting performers and audiences in various levels, attention to detail can ensure completion of events with a memory to last a lifetime. A failed event can impact audiences and progress to the level of derailing successful event management teams along with performer career in negative levels which is the last thing required for any corporate activity in general.

Venue – With initial plans structured out and progressing to venue detail, working along with the persons in charge in setting up a location appropriately for live events is highly important. Be it simple seating or arrangements with desks in theatre or cabaret styles, having attendees close to the performance is required for audible clarity and ease of performance for the master of ceremonies or comedic performer.

The podium or the main section – the place where you have entertainment happening, such as game shows or talks is an important area and must be situated in a place that can be easily seen by the audience. The section should be slightly elevated so that it can be viewed easily. If the venue you have picked does not have a place like that, then it is important you create one or rent one. The backdrop should also be considered. You should not have and disturbing material or lighting in a manner that disturbs the viewer.

Lighting – having the right lighting is essential so that the event goes well. Sometimes organisers can really overlook this and make a grave blunder for the whole event. Sometime too much light also can be disturbing therefore you need to make sure the lighting matches the type of entertainment you wish to have. For an example having a speaker for your corporate entertainment Sydney will need to have spot lights highlighting the entertainer. Lighting should also factor in the need people to find their way around and look for their seats. Having a too dark venue will really not help.

The sound system: the equipment you use either hired or sourced from the venue need to facilitate the event you are organising. There should be a sound manager and a sound system that is properly tested so that you know what to expect. Before and after the event starts and the guests start to arrive, it is good to have a brief rehearsal so that everyone in charge knows what to expect. After the event it is also good to have a debriefing session so that you can minimise any errors that took place.