How to Save Hundreds on Clothes Shopping? 

Every year, an average person spends about 60% of his salary on clothing. That is much more as compared to the price spent on gas for a car.  

However, spending money on gas is a completely different thing, it’s a necessity, but spending money on clothes is not. The outcome of your clothing purchase makes you realize you have poor dealing abilities.  

In order to help you find affordable clothes and to learn dealing strategies, following are some helpful tips.  

  1. Buy second-hand. It is obvious that, used products are less costly compared to brand new ones. So, the next time you are in need of new clothes, try checking some second-hand clothing stores. Second-hand clothing stores can provide good deals on simple wear such as, jeans and tops. Finding good deals on clothes in these stores is the best thing.  
  2. Pay with cash only. If you are always likely to spend more than you planned, always carry cash. It is more convenient to pay with cash than with a card. Also, you will be able to shop according to the money available in your wallet. People are always willing to pay more with a credit card than with paper money. So, always keep your options according to your needs.  
  3. Host a clothing swap party. There is always that one portion in our closet where clothes that are never worn, still have tags and never made their way back to the store. Take them out of your closet and suggest some friends to do the same. Then plan a swap party and exchange clothes. That way, you will easily get rid of the clothes that you never wore, and get to have the clothes that you always wanted to wear.  
  4. Rent one-time outfits. Remember to never spend much money on a dress or tux that you are only going to wear once. Save up some money, and rent that outfit. If you are lucky, you might even borrow it from a friend.  
  5. Subscribe to store emails. Keeping up with your emails can be very helpful. Many second-hand stores have their own websites as well and they sell their products online too. You can easily do some cheap online shopping Australia that way. Some sellers offer special coupons even before the sales start.  
  6. Ask for a price match. Once you are aware of the lowest price of an item, you can made a deal with your local merchant, and ask him to lower their price. There are some stores that match prices with their competitors.  
  7. Track the items you want. You can easily surf the internet and search for the clothing items that are in your budget. There are many online websites that provide affordable rates for clothes. You can make a wish list of all the clothes, accessories, and shoes you want and then buy them when you can. You will also be aware of the new sales.  

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