Spending a memorable time these days have become really difficult. We do not have much time for each other. The trend is changing because technology and digital media as taken over our personal life. Although, it has made our life easier but it makes people materialistic. We have become busier in investing our time on social media rather than meeting people offline and make memories. We all are so busy in making our lives perfect and luxurious as this is the demand of a present time. We all are running in a race and do not get much time to indulge with family and friends.

We have weekends but we prefer to spend at home as we already gone through a lot in the week days so we want just relaxation and ‘Me’ time at home. Sometimes, we have to take out time for our self and for other also. It is our need to spend a good time with friends and loved ones so whenever in life, we need them we can ask them to over for a help. It also gives us a chance to make some so that we can cherish later on.

There are many things that we can do on weekends to make our time memorable. Following are few activities that we can do.

  • Get Together:

We can keep get together at home and invite all our family circle and friends to gather under one roof. We can enjoy the music with some drinks, dance and snacks. The socializing is necessary in order to know that everyone around us is doing well in their own respective domains.

  • Bar Be Que Night

Throwing a bar b q night is always a great idea. Setting up all the set up outside a house in the garden under an open sky is always good. With grilling the chicken and other stuff we can enjoy the rhythm of the music and dance with our loved ones. Having food together is a best option.

  • Movie Night:

A couple movie night is also a best option for newly married couples and friends. We can arrange a projector so that we can make a cinema at home. We can also rent out a home theater for better sound system. Drinks, nachos, popcorn candies, juices, chocolates can work as a cherry on the top.

  • Fishing:

If we want to go out then fishing is a different idea. It always works as we have to go out from a house, away from everything and all the worries. Just sea, family, friends and fishes. If we have kids along us, we need kids fishing shirts Australia for their protection.

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