second hand pallet racking

Yes, purchasing second hand is still the preferable method of obtaining what you require. While buying used gear can be somewhat challenging, buying second-hand pallet racking, shelving, and other storage solutions is simple. You may be certain that used shelving can be just as good as brand-new shelving if there are no clear, visible dents or scratches. Frequently, used shelving is left over after a store liquidation. As a result, these shelves have probably been utilised indoors and are usually in good shape.

A Cost-Effective Option

Used pallet racking systems are a great, cost-effective option that can help you fulfil your storage needs without breaking the bank, whether you’re a small firm just starting out or seeking to expand your operations. To stay within your budget, you may choose a lower-quality racking system, but you could also profit from a high-quality storage system. Second hand pallet racking systems are considerably less expensive than more recent models while yet providing the same degree of functionality.

Advantages of commercial steel shelving

Comparing steel shelving to wooden or plastic storage shelves, there are various benefits. It is a space-saving choice for warehouses, distribution centres, shops, and manufacturing facilities because it is strong and long-lasting. The majority of steel shelves are constructed with fully welded, sturdy upright posts and are simple to attach using shelf clamps. Boltless units with single or double rivets are also available, though. These shelves can be put together quickly with a single rubber mallet and don’t have a clip design. To move materials across a facility, specific steel shelf systems are mechanised and equipped with casters. Standard metal shelving, regardless of the design, has the following advantages:


Shelving made of industrial steel is robust. While human material handling techniques remain the norm for commercial steel shelving, many heavy-duty units are resilient and strong enough to withstand a blow from equipment and forklifts. Picking tools are likely to cause damage to shelves made of wood and plastic. We have a selection of tough shelf brackets for prolonged use in commercial settings. These units have the advantage of being simple to assemble and reconfigure, which will allow you to adapt to seasonal demand changes or dips.


Certain steel shelving units are created to be modular. This implies that they are easily adjustable, reconfigurable, and moved. In accordance with your needs, you can replace the decking material, add storage containers, or adjust the height of modular shelving. Additionally, they are easily disassembled, allowing you to move them as needed. Some industrial modular shelves are portable and can even be transported on the go.

Product Awareness

For order pickers and forklift drivers, steel shelving, especially the open version, boosts product visibility, enabling your warehouse or factory personnel to see what they need when they need it. It also improves access because your staff may retrieve stock from all four corners.

Store goods securely

Steel shelving can prevent harm to sensitive objects like consumer electronics or musical instruments. In comparison to using storage bins or putting the merchandise directly on the warehouse floor, this offers a considerably safer alternative.