Everyone must have come across a situation where they need to consult legal experts, at least once in a lifetime. Law firms have been functioning in the world for more than hundred years now, rendering their services to the people. Rockliff Snelgrove Lawyers is one such firm functioning in Australia for around 50 years.

About RockLiff Lawyers:

Rockliff Snelgrove Lawyers, an experienced and skilled Australian Based Law firm, offers wide range of services in the field of law and consultation, experts in commercial and business law with over 50 years of successful, exceptional and diversified experience. Its head office situated in the heart of Sydney. The firm is famous for rendering legal opinions and consultancy at affordable rates. Rockliff Snelgrove Lawyers clientele hails from every background, who are being offered services without any discrimination with respect to the nature of case and law complications.  

Rockliff Snelgrove Lawyers makes it easier for the people and clients to consult them at any pint of time, adopting an open door policy, with its office located at busy central business district which aids people to connect with them at any time during office hours. Our commercial lawyers North Shore can be reached through different channels i.e. through office, online vie email or through phone.

Core Values of Firm:

The company resolutely believes in professionalism and commitment towards serving and helping people in their law suits and consultations. We don’t just provide solutions to your legal problems, we also try our best to provide valuable and superior value of way outs to their problems.

Our Team:

Rockliff Snelgrove Lawyers has a qualified team of renowned experts under the leadership of our founders Stephen Rockliff and John Snelgrove, who are working as Principals. Some other working principals are mentioned below.


  1. Michelle Rockliff,
  2. Nicole Rockliff,
  3. Dick Herman
  4. Bianca Williamson.

Senior Counsel / Associates:

  1. Anthi Balafas
  2. Cristian Fuenzalida
  3. Jinny Kim


  1. Peter Gell
  2. Michael Hutson 

Services offered by Rockliff Snelgrove Law Firm:

  1. Property Consultation.
  2. Contract Law Consultation
  3. Divorce and Family Law Consultation
  4. Business & Commercial
  5. Formulation of Wills and Handling of Will disputes.
  6. Litigation Issues.
  7. Bankruptcy & Insolvency Consultancy.

Our firm believes in serving the clients with utmost respect, priority and selflessness. We help our clients come out of legal problems without much hassles, committed towards winning law suits for our clients. Our clientele is our strength. Our experienced and professional consultants are at your disposal whenever you are in need of them. Consult with us today and get the best, exceptional and guaranteed results. Let us take care of you.