Math can be considered a unique but generally unlike topic to many students and adults alike in the modern world. The importance given by many countries in enhancing knowledge in various subjects can be noticed widely in the modern world with focus on Math being significant. The main issue as stated by students, tutors and coaches are the process of outdated teaching methods which are generally book based still being adapted in the educational approach as opposed to a specialised coaching college in North Shore utilizing modern day examples and hands on study models within classroom to encourage the learning process among many other proven techniques.

Nevertheless, awareness of math can be achieved with importance highlighted through usage of various examples within classrooms through connectivity of real life connectivity to the subject.Home Science – with cooking and baking, being a delicious subject to many, introduction of maths through recipes that contain mathematical algorithms with step by step processes to be followed in creating, a scrumptious consumable delight. With measuring ingredients to restructuring a recipe calculation to suit a larger or smaller food product, math can be utilized with the teaching process including metric or us units. Baking can be focused on temperature measurements of Celsius to Fahrenheit with calculations to assist in the final product outcome.Manufacturing & Construction – be it a construction of a building to a car or anything that is manufactured, math is considered the foundation to complete an accurate finished product.

In the creation process from raw material to the tools utilized, mathematics can be identified in a broader manner connected to daily life. The process of calculating concrete, steel and raw materials for a slab to measuring lengths and width along with angles complete with estimation of costs require math as standard. The importance of specialist a HSC Math tutor is highlighted with student goals aspiring to be engineers and other important key roles in society requiring the subject as core to perform duties.Grocery Store – The neighbourhood grocery store can be defined as a regularly visited area with knowledge in multiplication and percentage estimation to ensure pricing is profitable are areas highlighting the usage and engagement in the subject in daily life. Unit prices aligned with weight of products and sizing allocated with specific discount ratios in arriving at final spending or cost are areas of the subject being utilized in real life consistently.Math being a universal language within our environment is completely engulfed in day to day activities helping mankind explain, create and connect which can be highlighted to students in numerous ways of daily life in encouraging them to learn a subject widely required in modern times.

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