Artificial intelligence is the present and the future of everything. We are seeing it creeping into our routines and becoming an integral part of our lives. No wonder even sphero sprk+ ultimate packare so sought after for having artificial intelligence. Haptic technology, virtual reality, augmented reality and smart games are becoming new trend. People are looking for deeper interaction with the digital systems.

Osmo has made its place in more than thirty thousand schools. These schools are spread across over forty two countries. The educational game has changed the old conventional ways of teaching. Children are more receptive to visual and auditory signals rather than the same old written material traced in books. That just alleviates their concentration span. This game has brought a change in education of young children.

Osmo offers a wide range of virtual games that work on augmented reality. In augmented reality, there is a direct involvement of the environment around you. If you locate a building or let’s say, a country on a world map, the device synchronized with augmented reality app will rightly detect it, interpret it, and present all its details to you in a systemized manner. This is the way it works.

It has a base on where you can place your device and there is also a reflective mirror that attaches to your device’s camera. This aids in giving functional power for the camera to work as a facilitator to the augmented reality technology.

Osmo is not just limited to games, it’s moved to handheld cameras too

Now you can transform life’s moments into a cinematic memory in a matter of seconds with good sphero activities Pocket that came out last year. It is the smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld camera the company DJI has ever designed yet. It is able to capture images because of a 1/2.3-inch sensor and 80° wide-angle lens, it is convenient enough and you can put it in your pocket, as the name implies.  But don’t go for it’s small size as it is not delicate, it is made of robust material that increases its endurance and durability. You can share your best moments at any time, and at any place.


The only limiting factor is that it does not work with android devices. And even among iPhones, it does not show compatibility with iPhone X, SE and iPhone 5. But given its wide range of benefits, we guess this does not really create too much of a deal.